The official definition is that it’s a process whereby a professionally qualified coach accompanies the coachee in order for the coachee to achieve his or her objectives. That sounds a little dry, I prefer to say it’s a process to help you fulfil your hopes, your dreams and your personal or professional goals.

It’s important to point out that coaching is about taking concrete action too. You will be defining the necessary next steps - the ‘to do’ list of what needs to be done - and the timeline to get there.

In short, the outcome of coaching is a more fulfilled you, a person who’s identified what’s important in their life and feels ready to ‘ride the wave’ regardless of what life throws at you.



Everyone. We all have goals and ambitions, having a professionally qualified coach alongside you on that path will help you reach them.

It’s a misconception that coaching is for people who ‘need help’. Many highly successful actors and business leaders have coaches. It’s a way to grow as a person and be better at being you. You might be pretty happy with your life, but have some little nagging doubts you are not meeting your full potential.

If you feel your life is needing a reset, or that you need a little push in the right direction, coaching will help you realise you have a lot more internal resources to draw on than you could have ever imagined.



That depends on how much commitment you are willing to make and the areas in your life you want to change. I recommend approximately six sessions. I’m committed to the process too: I want my coachees to take off and fly on their own as swiftly as possible. And then refer their friends to me .  ; )




I find that Skype sessions work best for the following reasons:

You don’t waste time in traffic.
The sessions can take place in a relaxing space where you feel at ease.
We live in a 24/7 world. On-line sessions adapt to changes in your workday or business travel plans.

My clients are delighted with the on-line sessions, even those who initially had doubts about their efficacy. They value their clear advantage over face-to-face sessions in time management terms and they often comment that my open and welcoming personality immediately puts them at ease.



I’m a fully qualified professional life coach, and I can help you achieve your goals. There are clear psychological pathologies that I am not qualified to address, and I’d refer you to an appropriate medical specialist if your concerns and challenges were beyond my remit.


A coach helps you find the answers you are looking for by looking within yourself. A mentor provides advice based on his or her experience.

One of the things I love about coaching is that you are your own leader. You already have a boss at work, right? No one knows you like you do; you will work out what’s best for you.

Or maybe you feel you don’t know yourself so well? After a few sessions you will, I promise.

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